HERITAGE Cider, Aged in QUALITY Oak, for the SPIRITS Drinker


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What makes Patriots' Heritage Cider Unique:

Unlike virtually every other cider or wine, Patriots' Heritage Cider adds no Sulfites or other preservatives to our cider. This makes successful fermentation more difficult, but we believe the final product is worth it.
Gluten Free and Vegan

Only two natural ingredients
go into our Hand-Crafted Cider:
Freshly Pressed Apples
Natural Maple Syrup
Patriots' Heritage Cider is barrel aged to increase flavor complexity. Domestic and Imported barrels previously used by the best distilleries and wineries around the world add unique flavor to our cider.
Colonial Tradition
& Local History
The founder of Patriots' Heritage has strong roots in Rensselaer, Washington, Saratoga and Bennington Counties dating back to the early 1700's when names like Doty, Stover, Stratton, Olmsted, Armitage, Galusha and Harrington were more than street names.

We bring that sense of colonial history to our cider making. Using only freshly picked apples and local maple syrup, pressing them by hand and aging the juice in used oak spirits barrels, we have re-introduced a strong American heritage of Hand-Crafted hard cider to Schaghticoke, NY.
Get introduced to our Patriots' Heritage on the back label of every bottle.
Then, come to our website to learn more about how the cider was fermented
and the story behind the people and places found on the bottle.

We hope you enjoy both our ciders and our stories.