HERITAGE Cider, Aged in QUALITY Oak, for the DISCRIMINATING Consumer


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As large agricultural corporations continue insist that human modification of what God has created is the height of advancement, the apple stands as the greatest example of the complexity and variety available within His creation. With over 7,500 varieties available worldwide, the natural process of fruit breeding through cross pollination provides unlimited possibilities of potential cultivars. Patriots’ Heritage cider is committed to using only naturally bred apple varieties with a preference for Heritage apples and their cultivars.

Unlike most cideries, Patriots’ Heritage refuses to add sulfites and other preservatives to our cider. This approach is risky from a business standpoint, but we would rather dump a tank than contaminate our cider with chemicals. If you want your cider to be made from fresh pressed apples, gluten-free, GMO-free without added sulfites or other preservatives, then Patriots’ Heritage is your cider.

In order to provide high quality taste and unique variety, Patriots’ Heritage Cider obtains freshly dumped oak barrels from top shelf distilleries around the world: Bourbon barrels from Kentucky, Rum barrels from the Caribbean, Single Malt barrels from Scotland, Whiskey barrels from Ireland, Tequila barrels from Mexico, Port barrels from Portugal and Cognac barrels from France. Each of these barrels impart their own unique enhancement and complexity to Patriots’ Heritage Cider. If you are a Spirits drinker, Our ciders will be your preferred summer drink.